Creating joy amidst a world-wide pandemic

Helping Can't Stop Columbus celebrate people and connection

The Mission

In response to the worldwide pandemic and local quarantine lockdown, Can’t Stop Columbus and The Columbus Foundation created Curbside Concerts to bring joy and celebrate the people we care about. With a focus initially on the elderly and those feeling the impact of isolation, the website allowed Columbus area residents to request and schedule live music performances for their loved ones.

Starting out with a simple Google form, Can’t Stop Columbus volunteers manually checked requests against artist availability. As things took off, Can’t Stop Columbus needed help with developing an easy to use public-facing interface, and a way to ease the manual burden on the back-end.

The Fix

Test Double helped take Can’t Stop Columbus’ project from idea to fully realized website over the course of a month. Development included building the site from the ground up in Elixir, pulling forms into the website and adding additional back-end features iteratively along the way. Admin dashboard reporting was built to pull together requests and availability, simplify scheduling, and enable email notifications to both the requester and the artist.

Consulting and project management focused on isolating the most important things to develop initially, then managed development against additional features to help both volunteers and users. Artist profiles allowed users to browse and even pick a favorite song when requesting a concert. Virtual tip jars were also connected to further support the talented, local musicians.

The Results

Test Double believes in the power of empathy to bring people together and solve problems. We were so happy to help Can’t Stop Columbus keep people connected by sending live musical performances to loved ones:

  • 700 Free Concerts Performed
  • Providing Joy to More than 750 Seniors
  • Paid Engagements for 50+ Local Musicians over 7 Months
  • Fully-realized Website and Scheduling Tools Built in 1 Month
The technology backbone developed by Test Double made this project possible at the scale that was achieved. Test Double instantly jumped in to help bring the Curbside Concerts project to life. By providing two developers they worked several weeks to stand up the online interface and a custom scheduling tool to receive concert requests and schedule routes for the driver and artist that enabled us to bring joy to over 700 seniors amidst the height of the pandemic.
Jordan Davis
Executive Director, Smart Columbus

The Test Double Team

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