Attending RailsConf?
Have an hour, on us 🎟

Greetings, virtual attendee! If you're here, then you probably clicked a "Redeem Now" link in your RailsConf 2020 goodie bag. Our offer? One hour with a Test Double Agent to work with you on a topic and activity of your choosing. No strings attached.*

What should we focus on?

Test Double searches far and wide to hire some of the world's best software developer consultants and—with clients like Betterment and GitHub—you'll be hard-pressed to find a brain trust that has more combined experience with helping teams build, grow, and renovate large-scale Ruby & Rails systems. Here are a few ideas of how we might spend our hour together:

To get started, just fill out this form. If you already know you need more than an hour's worth of help, we'd love if you'd contact us about becoming a client. And if the work you do is for a good cause, check out our Great Causes grant application.

RailsConf 2020 Limited Edition One Hour Consulting Offer Form

* Well, almost no strings. We think we have the capacity to offer about one hundred consultations, but if sign-ups consume all of our availability, please accept our apologies.