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The Mission

Bridgecare had a JavaScript and Vue-based app organized into multiple silos based on different user-types. JavaScript tooling configurations were causing slow build times in the automatic compiler, plus related slow page load times. Combined with megabyte-sized JavaScript files, all of this added up to a major slow down in the day-to-day workflow management and severely limiting the use of automated testing to ensure quality. Bridgecare’s CTO was also focused on a top-priority launch project and needed an assist from an experienced JavaScript developer to quickly identify the specific problem and implement the fix.

The Fix

The solution lay in making the configuration work based on how the app was organized. Common code across the app was being copied across each area. Configuration settings were adjusted to create one bundle of shared code plus separate packages for unique elements. These changes addressed the major causes of the slow-down.

The Results

Bridgecare was able to borrow our JavaScript expertise to immediately identify the root cause and solve the problem by correcting the configuration. This allowed the tech leader to instead focus on a high-priority launch project. In 2020, Bridgecare was able to scale their business by filling a need the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare: connecting quality facilities with parents needing childcare. The greatest impact was providing the knowledge and confidence to continue making improvements and stay up to date with best practices.

  • Immediately identify root cause and solve the problem
  • Tech leader free to focus on high-priority project
  • Scale the business to address unmet need
Every day our work was slowing down, tests were becoming less reliable, build times were getting longer. We had to focus on delivering for our clients but we desperately needed help untangling the build configuration issues we knew were holding us back. I've worked with Test Double for years and knew they had the expertise to knock this out quickly, and they did. Just two weeks later we had tested and deployed fixes that dramatically reduced our build times and package sizes. They went above and beyond to make sure we understood all the improvements they had made so we could continue to improve going forward.
Jonathan Kirst
CTO, BridgeCare

The Test Double Team

Dayton Nolan
Dayton Nolan
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