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Helping others? Let us help you!

We’re all reeling from how quickly COVID-19 has impacted life around the world. We've been fortunate so far—because we're remote, our operations haven't been impacted to the same extent as most companies. However, the economic impact of the pandemic has required a few of our clients to delay or cancel projects. As a result, Test Double has more developers available to take on new work than usual.

How are we responding to the downturn? While we continue to look for more client work (and if you have any leads, by all means send them our way), we're not content to let our incredible team of developer consultants sit idle: we want to put some good into the world. Specifically, we're offering our services at significantly reduced rates (potentially as low as $0) wherever we can have the greatest impact.

Here's all we need: if you're part of a small business that's struggling to stay afloat, a non-profit that's feeling the squeeze, or an organization trying to do something great but finds itself in need of software expertise, fill out the form below. As our developers come available, we'll reach out to discuss how we can help.

There's no catch. We're just looking to do our part to help communities impacted by this crisis. If we support one another, we're confident we'll all emerge stronger out the other end. We look forward to talking with you!

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