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Test Double’s mission is to improve how the world builds software. One of the ways we do that is helping out non-profit, purpose-driven organizations focused on great causes with software development projects. We have an incredible team of developer consultants, and we're offering our services at significantly reduced rates (typically as low as $0).

Does your cause need our help? All you need to do is fill out the form. As our developers come available, we'll reach out to discuss how we can help. There's no catch. We're just looking to do our part to put some good into the world.

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Helping Pink Ribbon Girls support more people fighting cancer

Tech & Techniques: Metabase, PostgreSQL, React, Django, AWS, GitHub

Impact Areas: Data analytics and migration, frontend and backend development

Pink Ribbon Girls is focused on empowering people fighting breast and gynecological cancer, by providing meals, transportation, and peer support. Like many non-profits, they were manually segmenting data to identify impact numbers. By listening, taking a close look at systems, and triaging underlying problems, Test Double was able to address both short-term and long-term goals.

Can you relate to database headaches?

Pink Ribbon Girls Case Study
Red heart design against white binary digits on black background, photo by Alexander Sinn

Helping Bridgecare remove blockers and improve childcare ecosystems

Tech & Techniques: JavaScript and Vue-based app

Impact Areas: JavaScript tooling configurations and automated testing

Bridgecare is a child care data management platform helping governments understand and improve child care ecosystems. Their JavaScript and Vue-based app was organized into multiple silos based on user-types, with tooling configurations causing slow build times, plus slow page load times. Test Double solved the problem so the tech leader could focus on a high-priority launch project.

Getting things back on track!

Bridgecare Case Study
LEGO minifig broken into pieces against green background, photo by Jackson Simmer

Helping Can't Stop Columbus celebrate people and connection

Tech & Techniques: Elixir, Heroku

Impact Areas: Project Management, Web Development

Can’t Stop Columbus is a volunteer initiative addressing problems facing Columbus, Ohio, due to COVID-19. Curbside Concerts were created to bring joy and connectedness to those most isolated by COVID-19. As things took off, Can’t Stop Columbus needed help developing a user friendly public-facing interface, and reducing manual work. Test Double took the project from idea to fully realized website over the course of a month.

Making it easier to access services

Curbside Concerts Case Study
Closeup of acoustic guitar, photo by Jacek Dylag

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