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Retooling systems for a modern cloud infrastructure, migrating from enterprise Java, and turbocharging development with Elixir and Phoenix would have been interesting in and of itself. didn't stop at technology—they also adopted Shape Up and overhauled how they worked together as a team, too.

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Scaling a distributed energy management system for Enbala

Real-time control and high-volumes of telemetry made this engagement both fascinating and complex. Enbala needed help scaling their Concerto platform into a distributed, well-tested, fault-tolerant umbrella application, so they could process gigabytes of data per second with multiple computations factored from thousands of assets on the electrical grid.

Our consultants embedded with the team to pair on rapidly advancing features, using Elixir and Elm. In the process, we uncovered efficiencies and continuously improved the system with an eye towards reliability and resiliency.

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Empowering online learners with Clever

Amid a world-wide pandemic still impacting how students learn, Clever had two mission-critical projects to complete ahead of the school year: automating processes for administrators to securely move school district data into a popular ed tech tool, and building out a self-service tool to provision Clever users into other identity providers.

With aggressive timelines, Test Double engaged to complete a pair of priority projects in Golang and React, with the goal of making things easier for school administrators during yet another challenging year.

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Collaboration pays off for Gusto

Ruby on Rails upgrades can be time consuming and complicated. We helped a cloud-based payroll and benefits company seamlessly manage the upgrade so their team could continue delivering critical features and shipping new products.

Find out how Test Double consultants worked towards a smooth rollout so Gusto's engineering team could move their systems forward without interrupting day-to-day development or operations.

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Streamlining and modernizing key AWS infrastructure at Treehouse

Simplifying AWS infrastructure helps unlock savings on both time and money. Why pay for complexity you don't need that will only make things harder to manage?

Deploying code is now faster. The infrastructure is more secure and resilient. Immediate cost-savings were achieved, along with the potential for more in the future. Streamlining also made it easier to document and teach others to manage the infrastructure. And that makes ongoing maintenance and future upgrades a simpler endeavor.

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Scaling for flexibility and maintainability with Mode

The whole point of DevOps in the first place was enabling development teams to work more independently while scaling platforms for flexiblity and maintainability. That can still feel tricky sometimes, but focusing on the right foundational building blocks can pave the way.

Doing this allows development teams to get to a better place— delivering their own infrastructure needs, consistently shipping software, and maintaining ownership over services they are responsible for running.

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Building high-impact recruitment operations at m2e

When you're growing fast and don't have a recruitment leader it can feel hard to keep up with hiring and also manage top priorities plus your team's day-to-day work. It's also a critical role that can make or break your company's success through key hires across functions.

We built out custom recruitment operations and introduced interviewing best practices, then hired a right-fit Talent Manager in under two months.

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From prototype to functional at CPower

Engineering leaders are increasingly facing velocity challenges while also working to staff up a team. Test Double helped CPower move forward with development from prototypes to fully functioning simulations built on Elixir.

We developed a system for both real-time simulation and “speculative” time-accelerated scenarios, and also helped get the new team going with onboarding and pairing so they were ready to maintain and grow the system.

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