Join the N.E.A.T. community

Over the last decade, many communities that gathered around the idea that software is a deeply human endeavor have gradually faded away. Rather than sit around waiting for those organizations, events, and conversations to rematerialize, Test Double decided to organize a new community with a shared belief in a timeless truth: you can't understand software without understanding people!

We're calling this community N.E.A.T., because Not Everything's About Technology.

We have big aspirations for where this group might lead us in the future. A conference? A venture firm? A podcast? Who knows? But like everything good that ever came out of this industry, we're starting small. To start, we're accepting requests from people who care about this stuff to join. And instead of sponsoring dozens of local meetups, we're going to start with a small group gathered around a single forum for thoughtful, facilitated discussions. We hope you will join us on the N.E.A.T. forum!

We want to keep N.E.A.T. community discussion focused on improving how we build software as practitioners and leaders. So we're committed to keeping this space free from sales and recruiting solicitations.