Software is broken.
We're here to fix it.

Each year, businesses around the world sink billions of dollars into web sites and apps that barely work, are a pain to deal with, and cost far too much to keep running. The software we write is different. Our software delivers on its promised value, is a joy to use, and isn't too painful to change and extend over its lifespan.

Test Double is a consulting agency whose top-tier developers are deployed as remote additions to our clients' teams. Our agents not only deliver quality software quickly, we help our clients improve in ways that will last long after we've left. If your team could use some extra help and you share our goal of improving how people write software, we'd love to talk to you!

We're business consultants
who happen to write software.

It's really hard to find expert technologists in the current market, but we've managed to assemble a team of world-class programmers who also excel at solving our clients' business problems. We view software as a means to an ends, which is why we're as adept at addressing human problems as we are technical ones. Our people are gifted teachers, as well. Some of the work we're most proud of is the positive impact we've had pairing with our clients' developers.

Not the best in your ZIP code.
The best, period.

We've built our team by maintaining a first-rate reputation in the software community, by trusting our people to do great work without actively managing them, and by expanding our search beyond specific geographies.

Test Double Agents do more than wield the latest open source technologies—they contribute back to the community. We don't hand our developers preordained technical solutions; we grant them the autonomy to collaborate closely with their clients and write software that's mindful of their team's opportunities and constraints. And by being a fully-distributed company from day one, we've been able to cast a wide net, recruiting great developers, regardless of where they live.

Our Field Fancy Mustachioed Agents

Regular Todd KaufmanFancy Todd KaufmanMustache Todd Kaufman
Todd Kaufman
Agent 001
Homebrewer, Polyglot, Spreadsheet Wrangler
Regular Justin SearlsFancy Justin SearlsMustache Justin Searls
Justin Searls
Agent 002
Code-detangler, Skeptic, Japanophile
Regular Jason KarnsFancy Jason KarnsMustache Jason Karns
Jason Karns
Agent 003
Polyglot, Golfer, Veteran of the Browser Wars
Regular Andrew VidaFancy Andrew VidaMustache Andrew Vida
Andrew Vida
Agent 004
Tinkerer, Car Guy, Southern Gentleman
Regular Dave MosherFancy Dave MosherMustache Dave Mosher
Dave Mosher
Agent 007
JavaScripter, Guitarist, Empathizer
Regular Neal LindsayFancy Neal LindsayMustache Neal Lindsay
Neal Lindsay
Agent 008
Beard Curator, Soft Speaker, Hyperbole Moderator
Regular Kevin BaribeauFancy Kevin BaribeauMustache Kevin Baribeau
Kevin Baribeau
Agent 009
Language Enthusiast, Saxophonist, Unix Lover
Regular Dan ThompsonFancy Dan ThompsonMustache Dan Thompson
Dan Thompson
Agent 0010
Able, Droll, Unquenched
Regular Amber ConvilleFancy Amber ConvilleMustache Amber Conville
Amber Conville
Agent 0011
Codeasaurus Rex, Nerd, Organizer
Regular Dustin TinneyFancy Dustin TinneyMustache Dustin Tinney
Dustin Tinney
Agent 0013
Pebble Wrestler, Skill Seeker, Retired Barista
Regular Josh GreenwoodFancy Josh GreenwoodMustache Josh Greenwood
Josh Greenwood
Agent 0014
Builder, Wikipedia Addict, Bourbon Aficionado
Regular Michael SchoonmakerFancy Michael SchoonmakerMustache Michael Schoonmaker
Michael Schoonmaker
Agent 0016
Fruitful Branch, Jovial Maker, Entropy Surfer
Regular Sam JonesFancy Sam JonesMustache Sam Jones
Sam Jones
Agent 0019
Coder, Biker, Learner, Cook, Coffee Snob
Regular Adam LukensFancy Adam LukensMustache Adam Lukens
Adam Lukens
Agent 0021
Ponderer, Cook, Language Enthusiast
Regular Ali IbrahimFancy Ali IbrahimMustache Ali Ibrahim
Ali Ibrahim
Agent 0022
Stealthy, Globetrotter, Cyclist
Regular Steve JacksonFancy Steve JacksonMustache Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson
Agent 0023
C8H10N4O2↣101010, Rodeo Clown, Shot Caller
Regular Joshua StarkeyFancy Joshua StarkeyMustache Joshua Starkey
Joshua Starkey
Agent 0024
Snarky, Contemplative, Couth
Regular Jacob SmithFancy Jacob SmithMustache Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith
Agent 0025
Jr. Physicist, Parenthesist, Dog Pic Curator
Regular Raelyn BangelFancy Raelyn BangelMustache Raelyn Bangel
Raelyn Bangel
Agent 0026
Gamemaster, Amateur Sommelier, Elixologist
Regular Marc PeabodyFancy Marc PeabodyMustache Marc Peabody
Marc Peabody
Agent 0027
Punster, Runster, Get-it-Done Sir
Regular Jason GroszFancy Jason GroszMustache Jason Grosz
Jason Grosz
Agent 0028
Transcendentalist, Rationalist, Dirt-digger
Regular Jeremy FairbankFancy Jeremy FairbankMustache Jeremy Fairbank
Jeremy Fairbank
Agent 0029
Monoidal, JS Fatigue Survivor, Jazzophile
Regular Megan WaltersFancy Megan WaltersMustache Megan Walters
Megan Walters
Agent 0030
Risible, Wine-o, Nature Lover
Regular Ross BrandesFancy Ross BrandesMustache Ross Brandes
Ross Brandes
Agent 0031
Philosophizer, Code Shamus, Listener
Regular Joel HelblingFancy Joel HelblingMustache Joel Helbling
Joel Helbling
Agent 0032
Rubyist, Mandolinist, Catalyst
Regular Kyle AdamsFancy Kyle AdamsMustache Kyle Adams
Kyle Adams
Agent 0033
Geek Dad, Photographer, Web Enthusiast
Regular Kevin SolorioFancy Kevin SolorioMustache Kevin Solorio
Kevin Solorio
Agent 0034
Aviator, Hockey Fan, Pragmatic Polyglot
Regular Brittany Ann MooreFancy Brittany Ann MooreMustache Brittany Ann Moore
Brittany Ann Moore
Agent 0035
Color Coder, Bibliophile, Cascading Stylist
Regular Marla BrizelFancy Marla BrizelMustache Marla Brizel
Marla Brizel
Agent 0036
Skier, Dog Lover, Git Sorceress

Our Sleeper Fancy Sleeper Mustachioed Sleeper Agents

Regular Zach BriggsFancy Zach BriggsMustache Zach Briggs
Zach Briggs
Agent 005
Last known whereabouts:
Kin Insurance
Regular Kevin PfefferleFancy Kevin PfefferleMustache Kevin Pfefferle
Kevin Pfefferle
Agent 0012
Last known whereabouts:
201 Created
Regular Dean RadcliffeFancy Dean RadcliffeMustache Dean Radcliffe
Dean Radcliffe
Agent 0018
Last known whereabouts:
Discovery Communications
Regular Matthew BostonFancy Matthew BostonMustache Matthew Boston
Matthew Boston
Agent 006
Last known whereabouts:
Circle CI
Regular Katie MillerFancy Katie MillerMustache Katie Miller
Katie Miller
Agent 0017
Last known whereabouts:
New Relic
Regular Jerry D'AntonioFancy Jerry D'AntonioMustache Jerry D'Antonio
Jerry D'Antonio
Agent 0015
Last known whereabouts:
Riot Games
Regular Dania LieberthalFancy Dania LieberthalMustache Dania Lieberthal
Dania Lieberthal
Agent 0020
Last known whereabouts:
Regular Tim WingfieldFancy Tim WingfieldMustache Tim Wingfield
Tim Wingfield
Special Agent
Last known whereabouts:
Regular George ShankFancy George ShankMustache George Shank
George Shank
Special Agent
Last known whereabouts:
Space Monkey
Regular Tim TaylorFancy Tim TaylorMustache Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor
Special Agent
Last known whereabouts:
Regular Ryan CastilloFancy Ryan CastilloMustache Ryan Castillo
Ryan Castillo
Special Agent
Last known whereabouts:
Challenge Accepted
Regular Mykola BilokonskyFancy Mykola BilokonskyMustache Mykola Bilokonsky
Mykola Bilokonsky
Special Agent
Last known whereabouts:
Matthew, Justin, Katie, Todd, and Andy of Test Double