Building high-impact recruitment operations at a civil engineering firm

Building recruitment processes

The Mission

Finding the right fit for recruiting at a fast-growing civil engineering firm

m2e is one of the fastest growing structural and civil engineering firms in South Florida. Their sales skyrocketed after new legislation in Florida required inspections for all buildings that reached their 30 year mark by December 2022 to receive an inspection by 2025.

m2e decided to hire an internal recruiter who ended up being a very poor fit for the company. Within one month, they were back at square one. Skyrocketing sales, no internal recruiter, no line of sight as to whether they will reach their hiring goals. Without an internal recruiter, staffing sales proved to be their biggest immediate challenge.

Although m2e desperately needed to hire a recruiter, they were not willing to make another mishire. They wanted to find someone who knew their industry, had built a recruitment department from scratch, and could continue to support a team hiring across a wide variety of disciplines.

The Fix

High-impact recruitment operations

Test Double collaborated with m2e’s COO, Head of HR, and Hiring Managers to understand the criteria guiding the Talent Manager role. From there, we created and refined the job description, annual goals for the role, and worked alongside this same group to build the interview process. Test Double also worked closely with the Head of HR to update and streamline current recruitment outreach efforts to improve the overall candidate experience.

  • Built Talent Manager interview process from scratch—4 interview steps and corresponding rubrics
  • Cross-departmental collaboration ensured everyone played a role in recruiting first Talent Manager
  • m2e hired a Talent Manager with strong industry knowledge, strong communication skills, and the right network to hit the ground running
  • m2e learned how to build interview processes that are measurable and mitigate bias
  • COO and CEO requested process be implemented across all departments (over 20 roles!)
  • Measurable and transparent process helped m2e’s team feel more confident they were hiring the right person for the role

The Results

Streamlining for continued future success

Test Double’s recruitment team focused on streamlining recruitment operations, hiring m2e’s first Talent Manager, and implementing interviewing best practices across 20+ technical and non-technical roles. We also increased bandwidth for Co-Founders, Head of HR, and Hiring Managers by creating and managing the interview process from qualification to offer stage.

  • Recruitment Operations streamlined within 2 weeks
  • Right-fit Talent Manager hired in under 2 months
  • 5 top candidates to choose from, 1 offer made & accepted
  • Within first month Talent Manager brought multiple candidates to offer stage
After one detailed conversation, Anya was able to anticipate our business needs and create a customized approach to recruiting that would work for our team and our industry. We accomplished what we set out to do—and Anya made suggestions for improvements that would directly impact recruitment.
Ashley Criser
Human Resources, m2e

The Test Double Team

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Anya Iverova
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Colleen Leonard
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