Solving the common and uncommon

Our clients benefit from the lessons we've learned while serving hundreds of other teams over more than a decade. We go beyond shipping code to help your team solve the hardest problems—plus set them and you up for future success.

We help you holistically address core software challenges:

  • Prep for moments of change and evolve
  • Make legacy codebases more maintainable
  • Scale in the right way at the right time
  • Accelerate feature delivery and improve

We’ve seen a lot across hundreds of teams

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Get unstuck and accelerate delivery

The same habits that enable rapid growth at a project's outset can actually slow down productivity as teams scale up and complexity mounts.

We’ve found embedding pairs of senior, multi-disciplinary consultants with client teams makes a difference. They get up to speed freaky fast, deliver early and often, and don’t need a lot of management. That closeup view surfaces relative strengths to build on and also uncovers opportunities for improvements. As a bonus, it's also more cost-effective!

End the never-ending story of backlogs

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Improving what is built and how it's built

Software teams succeed when they not only build the right thing, but also build it right. Every team is different, and will face different challenges along the way. But those challenges often rhyme.

We focus on some essential truths to help teams improve how they build software:

  • Scope to strategy
  • Clarify complexity
  • Fight for feedback
  • Trust your team
  • Own the outcome

Assessments start positive forward progress

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Leaving teams better than we found them

Your company wants software built to last that’s also flexible enough to evolve for business critical needs.

We go beyond shipping code to help your team solve the hardest problems—plus set them and you up for future success.

Curious about what we're like to work with? Have someone on your team pair program with one of our experienced developers. Or request a no judgement leadership consult for yourself.

More than butts in seats

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