Renovate existing systems

Rewrites have a bad reputation for good reason. Expensive, time consuming rewrites almost never work well—you don’t need those headaches or the risk that comes with it.

Unwind your legacy systems instead. Refresh your codebase and unlock potential to take advantage of market opportunities.

Find out how to avoid a rewrite

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Get to more maintainable software

Everyone wants their codebase to be easier to maintain. Getting there is another story. It’s not the most glamorous work. But we honestly enjoy that kind of challenge.

We’ll remove blockers, safely factor your codebase, and share knowledge. You and your team get a legacy system that’s easier to maintain now and in the future.

No judgment zone—we’ve seen a lot!

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Automated testing approaches

We have a lot of thoughts about testing, but we’re not dogmatic about it. Your situation is as unique as your team and your codebase.

We’ll meet you where you are, then make recommendations on how to make automated testing work best for you, your team, and your codebase.

We have opinions on testing

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