We're software and product management consultants

Test Double’s seasoned software developer and product management consultants work as extended members of your engineering and product teams. We get things done by embracing your tools, participating in your process, and making improvements as we go. We tackle the technical and human aspects of every problem, striving to build both:

Great Software

  • Build the thing right
  • Focus on business value
  • Scale up with confidence

Great Teams

  • Build the right thing
  • Amplify collaboration
  • Strengthen retention

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Accelerate your software delivery

Achieve maintainable software with better planning, more productive collaboration, and greater visibility.

Test Double’s consultants onboard seamlessly onto your team, helping you reach your software development goals faster. Whether you need more capacity or more experience, we strive to be some of your favorite teammates.

Our work goes beyond doing great work: we'll constantly be offering up improvements to both your technical systems as well as your human ones. And as your team grows, we'll ensure both will scale with stability.

Find out how we helped accelerate work at Cars, Enbala, Clever, Mode and CPower.

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Renew your legacy code

Avoid expensive legacy rewrites by renovating existing systems and leveraging innovative uses of automated test tools.

Rewrites are costly, and generally don’t lead to the outcome promised. Don't tear down your house—remodel! With legacy remediation our testing experience helps safely factor your legacy codebase while avoiding a costly rewrite.

Test Double employs a variety of techniques using automated testing to remediate legacy systems. Refactor with confidence, knowing your code is maintainable for years to come.

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Software Tools & Tech

Our developers work in many different languages, frameworks, and platforms. And we are committed to always improving by learning, staying on top of changing tech, and contributing to open source projects.

  • Ruby/Rails
  • JavaScript/React
  • Elixir/Erlang
  • iOS/Android/React Native
  • Architecture & systems
  • Automated testing & TDD
  • DevOps platforms & tooling
  • And more!

Upgrade your key applications

Upgrade to secure, stable, and supported versions of the frameworks, libraries, and tooling your mission-critical applications rely on.

Clients like GitHub, Gusto, Zendesk and more have worked with Test Double to upgrade existing Rails applications forward. We have built a body of knowledge around how to upgrade and avoid risks. So you get more than just a predictable upgrade plan. We lead by example and mentor your team on staying updated in the future.

See how this approach paid off for Gusto.

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Scale with holistic DevOps

Evolve your DevOps practice, achieving more predictable costs and observable infrastructure.

We help cut cloud costs, increase security, and uncover more efficient processes so you can scale up sustainably in the right way at the right time.

We go further, by making sure your DevOps tooling is understood and can be managed by everyone on the team. Your team and infrastructure is more sustainable and predictable. You gain visibility for better decision making at all levels.

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Flexible Infrastructure

We seek first to understand your DevOps needs, and then design a solution that’s the right fit. We even train team members, so they can easily manage the platform and pipeline long after we’re gone.

AWS Partner
  • High Availability Infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Security Assessments

Launch modern product management

You provide the vision­—we make it happen with product management consulting.

With Test Double's acquisition of Pathfinder Product we now offer a broader spectrum of services that cover every facet of the product lifecyle. Expert product management consulting and comprehensive product management coaching can help you unleash greatness.

We've helped both start-up clients and existing brands launch MVPs and embrace change by rapidly building, gathering feedback, and adjusting priorities as we go. You can even rely on us to be the start of your engineering team. We assist with mentoring and recruiting, so your team can easily maintain the system long after we’re gone.

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Build your team thoughtfully

To recruit the right-fit software engineers and tech leaders you need to speak engineering. Unlike other recruitment agencies we focus exclusively on technical recruitment. Collaborating with our 90+ developers offers ongoing insights into the software development landscape.

You deserve more from recruitment services:

  • Fix your biggest recruitment challenges
  • Optimize recruitment operations for better outcomes
  • Find the right hire faster

We help clients with candidate-centric senior engineering and leadership placements, plus improve processes for lasting impact to source better talent more efficiently. So you hire the right people faster, and are prepped for future hiring success.

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Grow teams with training

Succeed at new technology adoption and level up your team with mentoring, training and 1:1 pairing.

Your team gets targeted 1:1 programs on technology and techniques based on real, lived experiences.

Our empathetic consultants mentor early-career developers on both code and soft skills. We develop custom training around new tech adoption and accelerate learning. You grow and retain your team.

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Understand how to improve

Our assessments uncover blockers and areas for targeted improvement.

Are you trying to make real progress to move the needle, but don't know where to start? Sometimes you need a fresh perspective.

We've seen a lot over the years, from growing pains to process clusters. Let us identify low-hanging fruit and where to focus the work. So you can get things back on track.

If you're facing numerous challenges or just don't know where to start, an assessment is a great first step.

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Clients we've served:

CPower Energy Management
Root Insurance
New Relic
Cockroach Labs
Orange Barrel Media
Merchants Bonding Company
Command Alkon
Popular Pays
QuietStream Financial
Home Instead
IGS Energy

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