Later is never.
Don't do never.

Avoid end of life Rails version fiascoes.

Let us help you simplify

You don’t want to wait until later. Let’s face it: later is usually never when it comes to tech debt.

You don’t want to try to do all the version updates at once. That’s a nightmare blocker scenario.

Burn down uncertainty instead.

Update Rails incrementally without disrupting production

Shifting focus to updating Rails versions is time-consuming. It can be unpredictable. It can also be distracting. If you try to do it on your own can end up slowing down feature development due to a shift in focus. Or not working through the version updates fast enough to avoid security risks. Let us help instead.

We’ll take care of the Rails version updates so your team can focus uninterrupted on everyday development and priority projects. We can even set your team up for future Rails version updates with a proven system for incremental change.

You’ll be able to seamlessly jump into the next Rails upgrade after we’re gone. Because there’s always a next Rails version.

In the years since I’ve worked on upgrading Rails at GitHub, I’ve refined an approach to Rails upgrades and successfully implemented it at several organizations. In this talk, you’ll learn everything you need to burn down uncertainty and boldly go into your next Rails version update.
So, what if you just update every other Rails version or once a year? That attempt at pragmatism is more fraught than it might at first appear. Companies fall behind for one reason or another, then decide to catch up all at once. But here’s the kicker: The older your Rails version, the longer and more Herculean the effort to catch up.
Test Double Editorial Board
Test Double brings a lot of good experience and knowledge—not just with the project objectives, but also with any other issues they see. They have been able to weave in code improvements when time is available, striving to leave it in a better state than they found it.

Work strategically through Rails updates
(and get help when you need it)

Photograph of a piggy bank
Keep productivity up
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Focus on key priorities
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Ship part of the upgrade now
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Decrease uncertainty