Solving challenges in hiring

Our clients come to us with these problems:

  • Difficulty maintaining a pipeline of qualified technical talent
  • Spending internal engineering resources on recruiting and interviewing instead of building software
  • External agencies providing misaligned technical candidates

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Get placement services customized to what you need most.

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Human-centered recruitment approach

You want to find engineers who care about maintainable code, automated testing and scalable architecture. And product managers who focus on validating product market fit and then enabling repeatable product success.

Our strong reputation in the industry has created a vast network of software developers, product managers, and engineering leaders who care about just that.

Most of all we treat your candidates like we do our own—with empathy, respect, and an understanding of how their background matches up with your hiring needs.

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Find the right hire faster

Having a hard time finding senior, staff, or leadership talent?

We directly source candidates who match your brand's culture and tone, and fit the criteria of your job description.

Value beyond hiring.

We share our expertise from day one:

  • Candidate feedback on your role, salary, and interview experience
  • Recruitment & technical interview process improvement
  • Recommendations on sourcing tools, marketing approaches, and recruitment team optimization

Can't find the right people?

Let us find them for you
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Interview support to grow tech teams

Experiencing high candidate turnover or low offer acceptance rates?

Diagnose gaps

Test Double provides an assessment of your current technical interview process to determine potential improvements.

  • streamline the process
  • validate technical skills
  • identify unknown biases

Interview capacity

We work directly with your team—and leverage our own experienced engineers—to increase capacity while ensuring the best fit hire.

  • create or improve processes to save you time now and in the future
  • field interviews and screen qualified candidates
  • ensure candidates are vetted against clear guidelines and rubrics

Interviews a major time suck?

Save time with us
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Customized recruitment process

Most recruitment agencies aren’t interested in helping their clients beyond hiring. We’re different.

We'll start with a discovery call, formulate a plan, and work with you directly to execute.

The Recruitment stage will be a commission-based service, with a placement fee of 20% first year’s salary paid when a candidate sourced by Test Double is hired into the role.

We help your recruitment team get to a better place, and set you up for future success.

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Clients we've served: