Nice work.

Test Double provides its customers with an increasingly rare commodity: high-octane software development capacity. Our secret is that we haven't taken any shortcuts. We've carefully assembled a team of senior developer consultants skilled in a wide array of tools and languages, who bring tremendous experience to each engagement—averaging over a decade in the profession.

The Test Double agents, gathered at a semi-annual retreat

Our clients benefit from the lessons we've learned while serving hundreds of other teams over the years. Whatever challenge you're facing, it's likely we've helped an organization like yours overcome something similar.

With us, it's smooth scaling

Test Double is regarded by the Ruby and JavaScript communities as one of the best agencies to help companies capitalize on their initial success by ensuring lasting maintainability.

We've seen it countless times: the same habits that enable rapid growth at a project's outset can actually slow down productivity as teams scale up and complexity mounts. We help others transition to longer-term thinking about the design & testing of their Ruby on Rails and JavaScript applications—all without slowing down the pace of innovation.

We're generalizing specialists

The techniques we use to design sustainable software are universally applicable, and we're not afraid to employ them in any technology stack or business domain. Here are a few of the technologies and industries we've worked in recently:

  • Upgrade Gusto's payroll platform to the latest version of Ruby on Rails
  • Java and Go for an industrial equipment manufacturer
  • Elm and Elixir at a smart energy startup
  • Clojure & ClojureScript for an automotive dealer group
  • Distributed C at a videogame studio
  • Perl and PHP for a stock photo marketplace

We've only made it this far because we understand that we'll never be done learning new things. If you're in doubt that Test Double's agents can ramp up quickly enough to address your needs, we'd love to talk with you about them!

Known collaborators
(and great customers!)

Because our clients trust us to solve some of their most important problems, most of our engagements remain highly classified. However, we can share that we've served each of the fantastic businesses listed below:

Root Insurance
New Relic
Cockroach Labs
Orange Barrel Media
Merchants Bonding Company
Command Alkon
Popular Pays
QuietStream Financial
Home Instead
IGS Energy

We're proud to have such a diverse array of current and past clients, but don't take our word for it—we're always happy to provide references upon request!