Our Core Values

We serve others.

We support our clients, coworkers, and others throughout the software industry to achieve their potential.

We are owners.

We empower our people to identify problems and develop solutions, and we reward hard work through equitable employee ownership.

We are principled.

We each maintain a vision for quality and integrity, and we embody this in all of our work.

We are inclusive.

We commit to an environment of allyship, equitable treatment, diversity, and support.

We are always improving.

We recognize we will never be perfect, so we continuously strive to become better as individuals, teams, and an industry at large.

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Benefits as a Value

It doesn’t make much sense for us to say we have a supportive and flexible environment without having benefits to make that happen. Here’s a snapshot of what we offer, with a lot of perks also focused on enabling our always improving value.

All double agents receive:
  • 5 weeks flexible time off (vacation and sick time)
  • 10 paid holidays
  • 10% Growth Time each week
  • Up to 14 weeks parental leave (8 weeks at 100% of salary)
  • 1 week of conference attendance (and up to $3,000 of expense)
  • ESOP Employee stock ownership program - Test Double is 100% employee owned
  • New computer hardware purchase every 3 years
  • Co-working space reimbursement (1/2 rent up to $500 monthly)
  • 2 week Sabbatical leave after 5th year
  • 2 company-wide retreat experiences each year
  • Dental and Vision 100% covered for agents and families
  • Health Insurance 100% HSA covered for agents and families, 80% for PPO
  • Short Term and Long Term Disability
  • Retirement contribution up to 3% of salary
  • Life Insurance
  • AD&D (Canadian-based Agents only)

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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Of all our values, inclusion is the most aspirational. Equity, diversity and inclusion work is a journey, and the work needs to be done every day.

In order to create a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment, in 2020 we began using The Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB) created by The Centre for Global Inclusion, an organization of EDI experts whose mission is to improve diversity and inclusion practices around the world.

At a high level, the GDEIB helps TD determine strategy and measure progress in managing diversity and fostering inclusion in all areas of the business. The GDEIB is organized in 14 categories, with levels of achievement and individual benchmarks from inactive to best practices; teaching activities; user tools; and supports. Although the GDEIB covers 14 separate areas of business, we’ll be focusing on 3-4 at a time.

What’s Test Double doing and thinking on EDI?

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Our EDI Journey

We know we have a lot of work to do. As a company of 70+ people who are mostly cis-white-males, we’ve got a problem. Sadly, many companies experience similar issues.

There’s no excuse. We are committed to improving.

Our equity efforts continue to increase our team’s diversity. Our team’s diversity helps us become more inclusive. That’s the company we want to be.

Part of this journey is focused on collecting and being transparent around core diversity stats, especially for gender identity and race.

We’re striving to be more transparent in our actions, goals, metrics and communication. We share these stats with candidates as well as internally. We're now also sharing them externally on our website for full transparency.

We collect these stats throughout the year as new folks join Test Double and we'll post updated numbers twice a year.

Here's where we are in our journey.

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Employee Stock Ownership Program

The most direct way we are owners is our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). As an ESOP, we are 100% employee-owned. That means 100% of the company value is held within the ESOP employee shares and trust. Test Double also reinvests profits to increase share valuation. The company is currently seeing excess profits of $5 million+ annually. In other words we're not about diluting shares, and we're already profitable.

The ESOP is one of many ways Test Double invests in our employees, and rewards everyone equitably for all of the hard work to help our company grow. It’s part of a diverse total rewards package also including 401(k), 100% employer paid health care premiums for agents and their families, ample FTO, parental leave, and benefits geared towards career growth.

You can think of the ESOP as a retirement accelerator, providing 100% vesting after six years. We want every double agent to have a fulfilling career path at Test Double, and the ESOP provides a return on the investment of your time. We’ve found being an ESOP means we all have an owner’s mindset to keep Test Double growing sustainably for many years to come.

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Great Causes

Test Double started as an agency because we wanted to improve how the world builds software. We serve a bunch of amazing clients every day and help them build great software and great teams.

In 2020 we made a commitment to also serve this vision by giving back to great causes. As agents are available they work on projects to make an impact with organizations doing great work.

Do you have a great cause that needs great software?

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