Empowering online learners with Clever

A pair of priority projects to help administrators and teachers with online learning

The Mission

Clever had not one, but two mission-critical projects with a tight deadline ahead of the school year:

  • Automating the process of securely moving school district data into an edtech tool popular with teachers.
  • Building a self-service tool to provision Clever users into other identity providers.

The goals of both projects was providing a user-friendly experience for busy school district staff to easily manage administrative tasks that make online learning possible.

The Fix

Test Double consultants focused on two simultaneous projects: back-end development written in Golang to develop automated user data processing, plus back- and front-end development with Golang and React on a self-service identity management tool.

Great Software
  • Got things done and execute on intense timelines for two very demanding projects
  • Developed beta system for districts to automate syncing of users from Clever to a popular edtech tool based on integration with school information systems
  • Built a secure, easy-to-use, self-service identity management system for school districts to provision users from Clever

Great Teams
  • Monitored high-throughput projects closely to keep things on track and well-tested
  • Taught developers along the way with an approach that meets them where they are
  • Became knowledge experts to provide context, get people up to speed quickly, influence architecture and help make product decisions

The Results

We are always looking to leave client teams better than we found them. For Clever, we hit two aggressive project deadlines, and also left the team with well-tested code easily understood by newcomers on multiple rapidly changing teams. Along the way, we helped identify architecture and tooling fixes for immediate performance improvements and made a lasting impact in secure, maintainable code.

  • Automatic rostering requested by 940+ districts and 12.6M daily API requests
  • Identified gaps in architecture & tooling to improve immediate performance
  • Executed against aggressive deadlines with well-tested, secure & maintainable code
Test Double delivered a performance that in one case doubled our throughput. Nathan’s deep Golang experience has been super helpful. Steve continues to see around corners— identifying gaps in our architecture, proposing and implementing new approaches. I couldn’t imagine this project succeeding without his technical leadership.
Dan Carroll
Co-Founder, CPO
Kenneth delivered features quickly from week one and enabled us to catch the school sales cycle for our new product. He also did extra credit beyond the sprint: raised the bar on automated testing and proactively helped ramp up new team members. Kenneth reshaped my views on the value an embedded contractor can bring to a team.
Marco Kitagawa Pedroso
Engineer Manager, Identity and Analytics

The Test Double Team

Kenneth Bogner
Kenneth Bogner
Agent 0094
Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson
Agent 0023
Nathan Rockhold
Special Agent